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Adding trimwork is a decorating technique that can dramatically change the look of your home. Whether you are building a new house or remodeling an existing home, Image to Reality offers a wide variety of moulding packages that can transform any room into your ideal living space. We do all types of finishing carpentry and custom woodworking, from fireplaces and featured doors to unique paneling, built in wall units and stylish columns. Including trimwork and moulding in your plans adds character and a level of detail that other decorating techniques cannot match.

At it’s most basic level, trimwork serves to hide gaps between walls and floors, around doors and windows, and where walls meet ceilings. But if you have ever visited a home that contains distinctive trimwork, you have no doubt noticed that the moulding, columns, ceiling medallions, and fireplace mantles add a richness and texture to the room that cannot be accomplished with paint, wallpaper, and furniture alone.

When selecting trimwork for your home, you will make a number of decisions; what room will get a new moulding treatment, what types of trimwork are available, and what styles and designs will work best in your home. Choosing the right trimwork dramatically contributes to the overall design scheme of a room. It can also add character to a space without the need to change its basic structure. Trim comes in a wide range of profiles and sizes that can enhance the look of doors, windows, ceilings, walls, and floors. Selecting the right styles will make all the difference in your home. Image to Reality provides you with the right answers catering to your specific needs and taste. We can supply a complete moulding package to enhance your living space into a unique work of art, beyond your imagination.

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