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Home Renovations

Image to Reality contracting offers a full range of renovation services which include complete home renovations, kitchen and bathroom remodelling, basement finishing, condo renovations, custom woodworking, staircases, and exteriors. From planning & design, through all phases of construction, we provide the expertise and trades required to make your project a successful one.

Renovating your home is an exciting process. When you renovate your home the most important decisions need to be made before the work begins. With today’s housing technology, you can increase the comfort of your home significantly by making it healthier and more energy efficient. This means better living for you and your family while reducing your homes maintenance costs and protecting the environment.

At Image to Reality contracting we believe that a home should be flexible to allow for all the different ways you use it and it should respond to the needs of your family through all the different phases of life. We create designer spaces and living environments within your home through innovative planning and construction. If you’re looking for a more functional space for other purposes, let us work one on one with you to enhance your image and bring it to a reality.

We have worked with all sorts of homes to design almost any square footage into a new and improved living space. We take into account all the functionalities and necessities and work with you to incorporate all the lavish amenities you crave into your newly renovated home. Make life flow more easily and allow the kind of flexible spaces that work to bring family and friends together while allowing for all the necessary personal space. Our holistic approach to quality home renovations emphasizes simplicity and flexibility. We let the needs, desires and tastes of your family dictate the architecture and finishes. Your new home should reflect your individual style, cater to your family needs and inspire your guests to renovate their own home.

Condo Renovations

There are many points to consider when renovating a condo. Certain strata regulations apply to condominium buildings as well as specific building requirements for each city. These standards must be taken into account when performing any kind of renovation or alteration to your building. Our method of project planing and execution provides our clients with a comfortable condo renovation service you can count on, hassle free.

Image to Reality contracting specializes in Vancouver condo renovations. Our team of professionals understand how vital it is to maintain the utmost care and focus while working in a condominium building. Avoiding mistakes that can cause unnecessary damage to yours and your neighbours property as well as maintaining a clean and healthy working environment is key to success on each one of our projects.

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